Becoming Whole (The Dark Crystal)

from by Alyssa Yeager

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Find the missing crystal shard in your life.


Get into a comfortable position. Take a few deep breaths. With each exhale, let go of the tension you’re holding in your body. Stretch your fingers and toes out, let your shoulders sink down, unlock your jaw. Release any other tightness you feel. Close your eyes.
Now, as you breathe in, visualize a vibrant purple light coming down from the sky and beginning to pour into your body. It begins at the top of your head and flows down slowly, filling every inch of you. The light makes you feel strong, confident. You fairly pulse with energy. It seems unending, unquenchable. Sit with this powerful feeling for a moment.

As you sit, focusing on the sensation of the light within you, you notice that the bright purple is beginning to dim. The shift in color comes with a shift in the feel of the energy. It is still strong, but also more contained, more limited. It feels as though if you try to use the energy now, it will fade away and leave nothing behind. You fear to waste this precious resource.
You begin to scan through your body, looking for anything that might have gone wrong, anything that might have caused this change. As you explore, you do notice a gap. Not a physical gap, but a gap in the light, and in yourself, as if something important that you once had is now missing.

You are the dark crystal. Who you are is strong, powerful, respected and even feared. But there is something missing. A piece of you that has gotten lost in the shuffle of daily life. A crystal shard that once was part of you has been broken away. A relationship lapsed, a talent ignored, a hobby discarded. Something that once brought you joy is now simply a hole. At times you barely notice its existence, but now, paying attention to the hole, you may feel uncomfortable, sad, angry, or confused.
Today you are going on a journey to look for your missing crystal shard. Anything you find on your journey today belongs to you. You can choose to integrate it or let it go. Perhaps this lost piece will come back to you and create a new sense of balance. Or you may decide that this shard no longer fits, and it's time to bring closure to that part of your past.
Take a few more deep breaths now, and let go of any frustration or uncertainty you’re feeling. Remember that you are in charge. You are in charge of the search and any decisions made along the way.

Let your awareness move outside of your body now. The environment around you is anything you wish. You may be in a building or outdoors, sailing on the ocean or exploring under the ground. Your attention may be drifting over cities, neighborhoods, wilderness, or anything else you can imagine. There is no right or wrong here. Accept whatever environment your mind is painting for you.
As you look out upon the world, you begin to seek your missing crystal shard. You know that it is in tune with you in some way. It may glow with a soft purple light just like the light inside you. It may voice a low hum, vibrating at the same frequency as the rest of you. Perhaps you can just sense the connection between your energy and that of the shard. You scan the environment, reaching out your senses for any hint of that connection, that pull which will direct you to the shard.
Remember that you control the environment and your perspective. You can fly over thousands of miles in a few seconds, or you can zoom in on the tiniest details before you. Allow your mind to drift as it will. You notice the landscape as it changes before you, but remain focused only on finding the missing shard. Take some time now to continue your search. Follow your own guidance about what to do if you find your shard.

Begin to bring your awareness back to your body. Wherever your search has taken you, it is time now to come home. Know that you can return to your search at any time you wish. Whether or not you found the shard, whether you integrated it or let it go, you have gained wisdom today on your journey. It is always your choice what to pursue and what to release in your life. Sit with this understanding for a moment. When you are ready, you can open your eyes.


from Meditations for Geeks, released January 31, 2019


all rights reserved



Rhiannon's Lark Troy, New York

Rhiannon's Lark was created by Alyssa Yeager (sensual vocals, growly guitar, candy-coated ukulele) to express the reality of life as a geek, goddess, and girl. She brings gaming, fantasy, morality, and t-rexes together into a show that will comfort your ears, get you laughing, and possibly even make you think. ... more


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